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        1. Values


          • 01 / Advocating of Disciplines

            NOVORAY develops based on rules which are completed gradually
            Inspection leads to implementation
            Pay attention to usual training and habit formation.    

          • 02 / Creativity and Innovation

            Innovation is the core factor that facilitates the development of NOVORAY and also the fundamental force that drives the development of NOVORAY.

            We change along with changes and demands of the world. We must adapt to the change and progress of the age and advance forward, adjust and transform our goal, organization and management based on them. We should even abandon and transform all things that are not conforming to the age, including experience that was proved successful, and advocate “creative destruction”.

          • 03 / Technical Progress

            Technical progress is one of the core forces that drive NOVORAY to make progress. NOVORAY must promote its technical progress with the aim to satisfy current and future customers’ demands and innovate continuously by focusing on customers’ demands, in accordance with the concept of starting from customers’ demands and ending up in customer satisfaction.

          • 04 / Work Hard and Forge Ahead

            No matter what resources we own, we can only earn customers’ respect and trust by working hard and forging ahead. Hard work can be shown by any minor activities we carried out to create values for customers and the efforts we made in labor preparation to enrich and improve ourselves. We regard hard workers as our basis and pay back hard workers with reasonable rewards.

          • 05 / Open Cooperation

            For the purpose of satisfying customers’ demands in a better way, we must adapt to innovation proactively and dare to innovate. We must insist on open cooperation with partners and produce modern products with modern concepts and methods. Besides, we must work in a down-to-earth manner and not be impetuous and afraid of failure.

          • 06 / Teamwork

            Celebrate with the ones who succeed and rescue the ones who fail

            We require that NOVORAY staffs should have the big picture in mind and respect the advantages and achievements of others and we advocate team spirit. We believe that the final success can only be obtained with team power. Therefore, we are convinced that the success of NOVORAY is the success of every NOVORAY employee and our development results should be shared with everyone.

            The good conduct of each NOVORAY employee represents successful company management and operation; while the fault of each NOVORAY employee is the fault of the company for customers.

          • 07 / Criticism and Self-criticism

            The purpose of criticism and self-criticism is to make constant progress and improvement other than mutual denial or self-denial. Only criticism and self-criticism can lead to listening, sublation, continuous progress, respect to others and cooperation with others, thus realizing mutual development of customer, company, team and individual.

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